Non-Profits Need Love, Too $197

Your mission statement is only as good as the actions you’re able to take towards achieving it. While your NGO is invested in serving others, your non-profit could be doing better and in my 20+ years of experience working in + with philantropic organizations like yours, I know what I’m looking for when it comes to making your operations run smoother.
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Social Sector does Social Media $299

As a non-profit, your social media needs are unique. You want your media to project the sympathetic + supportive messages that back your cause, but you also want to appeal to + reach as many people as possible. You also have other social media challenges particular to the social sector that other industries don’t have to account for, including an emphasis on specific types of wording or creating content that fosters community building + collective impact.
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The Non-Profit That Means Business $750

Non-profits may focus on being of service to others over making a profit, and yet you still have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to bringing in funding, gaining authority in your circles + building a community + awareness around your cause. Exposure, research + growth are as integral to your success as it is for a business; you simply have to approach these matters from a different angle when you’re in the social sector + I have extensive experience + knowledge in doing just that. Whether you need an emergency relief fund put in place or you’re looking to expand your brand and social media reach globally, this package is designed for you to make the most of the vast experience I have in elevating the way non-profits operate.
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